DSSS0.77 & GtkD 1.0


  • Rebuild: Removed some needless errors that could cause problems with using D-2 keywords in D-1 code.
  • Rebuild: Fixed -exec. (see ticket #203)
  • Rebuild: Documented -gui. (see ticket #180)
  • Fixed installation of debug libraries. (see ticket #185)
  • Substantially reduced the default verbosity. -v now gives the previous verbosity, -vv puts rebuild in verbose mode as well.
  • Rebuild: Allow general link flags in pragma(link) (for Mac OS X frameworks, etc.
  • Rebuild: -S with forward slashes now works on Windows. (see ticket #182)
  • defaulttargets with forward slashes now works on Windows.
  • Multiple '..' elements in section names will now be interpreted correctly. (see ticket #198)
  • Rebuild: Fixed library-linking problems.

■GtkD 1.0
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